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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Autistic Adults

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Autistic Adults

Posted by Personally Yours Books on 6th Jul 2022

Gift-giving times can be challenging for autistic adults. Interruptions in routines, the unexpected, and spending time with people you hardly know can be overwhelming for anyone, especially someone on the autism spectrum.  

As a society, we often talk about autism, but generally, we focus on the needs of children. However, autistic kids grow up to be autistic adults, so we must also focus on their wants and needs.

So, what types of gifts are best for autistic adults? In general, the gift should be engaging and include sensory considerations. However, it can be hard to choose the perfect gift with so many options. But don’t worry; we’ve created the following list to highlight 5 of our favorite gifts for autistic adults. Let’s get started: 

#1 Headphones

One common trait among autistic adults is auditory sensitivity, which makes a nice pair of headphones an excellent gift. After all, as much as we would like to push a mute button sometimes, it’s not possible. Instead, headphones allow us to tune out the world around and focus on what we want to hear.

While any pair of headphones would make a lovely gift, it’s best to stick with noise-canceling models, as these will help autistic adults block out even the loudest noises!

#2 Personalized DVDs

Adults with autism love to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, getting caught up in even the most minor details and immersing themselves in the story. So, imagine how excited they become when they are part of the story! 

Personalized DVDs are a great way to help autistic adults feel a deeper connection to the story’s characters. And the best part is that there are so many styles available. Check out online retailers such as Personally Yours Books, where you’ll find personalized DVDs with many popular characters, including Spiderman, Veggie Tales, Barney, and even Dora, Diego and Me!

#3 Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets work magic for autistic adults dealing with stress caused by sensory overload. Typically, autistic adults love any weighted item, so it doesn’t have to be a blanket. It could also be a sweater, vest, or pillow.  

It’s also worth noting that if you choose a weighted blanket, cooling versions are available that significantly reduce sweat at night.  

#4 Lava Lamp or Light Projector

These fun lights are perfect for autistic adults who struggle with sensory processing and are easily overwhelmed by bright lights. Lava lamps and light projectors make lovely gifts because the lights are dimmer than most and those with autism find them to be very soothing. 

Just beware that since lava lamps get hot, it may not be the best gift idea for a tactile autist

#5 Building Toys

Our final gift idea for autistic adults is building toys. These types of toys are excellent because they work well for solitary and group play. Since people with autism tend to stick with what’s familiar to them, building toys can serve as a familiar item in a room of strangers. In fact, legos, train sets, and other model kits can be a great way to introduce your autistic adult to new people.