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We make Personalized Gifts for Kids - perfect for any occasion. All our personalized gifts feature your child's name.
We offer Personalized Children’s Books, Personalized Children's Music CDs and Personalized DVDs for Kids


 What is a personalized book, you ask?

A personalized book is a book that incorporates your child's name and in some instances, other personalized information, 
directly into the story making them the star of the story. Children giggle with excitement when they realize they are reading about themselves.
When you make your child the star of the story, you also inspire them to love reading and aid in promoting their literacy skills.
Reading personalized story books with your child is also a special bonding experience they will cherish.

Besides your child being the star of the story, another awesome feature of a personalized book is the personal message from you,
that is printed on the title page. Kids, adults, and just about everyone in between loves to see their name in print! It’s true, it’s what makes you, YOU!
Our personalized kids books will quickly become your child’s favorite book. These keepsakes gifts for kids are treasured and saved forever.


What are the other Personalized Children's Gifts you Offer?

Personalized Music CDs & Personalized DVDs - Personalized Kids Music cds are one of the other Personalized Kids Gifts that we offer.
They too feature your child’s name, only this time it is sung throughout the songs. And in some cases by their favorite characters.
Disney’s Sing Along - With Mickey, Minnie & Goofy or Disney’s Princess Tea Party are sure to make you little one smile!
Kids love to sing and dance alone to the music. You can now have your child’s personalized music album delivered digitally.

Personalized DVDs for Kids are personalized short videos featuring your child.
Most of our Kids DVDs are Photo Personalized. You supply us with a photo of your child and we’ll make the magic happen!
Kids are mesmerized at seeing themselves on TV alongside their favorite characters.
As with our personalized music cds, our personalized kids dvds are also available as a digital download.

Please feel free to skim through our entire collection of personalized gifts for kids.



What Our Customers Are Saying


July 30, 2022

Item Purchased

Personalized Kids Music CD - You Are My Friend

"Looks and sounds great! Love the sweet sticker message on the package."


Nov 12, 2022

Item Purchased

Barney Music CD

"Super sweet people, fast reply when asking questions… shipping was SO FAST. I ordered it and I think the next day or 2 it was sent out. Received the CD for my Barney obsessed child and it was perfect, it was so cute to hear her name in every song! Something we will always cherish. Recommend 10000x"


Oct 30, 2022

Item Purchased

Personalized NFL Football Book



May 21, 2022

Item Purchased

Personalized Kids Music CD - You Are My Friend

"The name was very audible and the song choices appropriate for a toddler. Quick ship from start to finish. Thank you!"

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